New Website!


With time comes responsibility, so our old outdated website had to go. We hired the talented Van der west Creative Coding to develop our new website! 

Van der West koning van de websites

Beach Rocker selected for FutureArchive

Great! Our Beach Rocker for Weltevree has been curated by Baroness O. for the FutureArchive during the Biënnale Interieur 2016! This is an interactive display of new objects and reigning trends for 2017, and we're ever so happy to be selected! 2017 shall be the year of the Beach Rockers!


Beach Rocker reigning trend for 2017

Copycat Art Scratcher in Volkskrant magazine

Our Copycat Art Scratcher was featured in the design issue of Volkrant Magazine today. 

Volkskrant magazine - Wim Crouwel interview
design issue Volkskrant magazine
Copy Cats

Interview with O-P-A

I was interviewed by O-P-A, a designplatform in Arnhem. (in Dutch)


OPA interviewt Erik Stehmann

Weltevree adopts the Beach Rocker

Great news! The Beachrocker I designed has been signed at Weltevree! Weltevree is a brand with great outdoor products, that all have a special interaction with their user. Very happy to be a part of their brand. 


Beach rocker by Erik Stehmann for Weltevree
Weltevree logo

Time to move!

When I first stepped in this space, I said:"I will be hard to fill this room, it's huge!". Now after 5 years, it's time to move to our new studio at IPKW in Arnhem, and the only thing going trough my mind is:"How will I ever empty this room, I have so much stuff!"

Filled studio in 2014
Empty studio in 2009

Roof Garden

For this years edition of Roof Garden Arnhem I joined the design team to make it an even better edition. I've designed this Canopy: easy to build, move and stock, and it's storm-resistent, and I designed the Beach Rocker, the fun version of a beach chair, with all the same advantages, made out of recycled furniture. 

Roof Garden Arnhem
Roof Garden Arnhem
Roof Garden Arnhem Erik Stehmann

New York Times

My DOG Scratchpost for Cats featured in the New York Times as one of the highlights at Maison et Object designshow in Paris. 

DOG at New York Times
DOG at New York Times

DOG adopted by Soonsalon

Soonsalon has adopted the DOG Scratchpost for Cats. 


DOG by Erik Stehmann
Soonsalon logo

Workshop Magazine (China)

Nice 6 page publication in this wonderful Workshop Magazine in China!

Workshop magazine
Workshop magazine
Workshop magazine

3th Prize Hema designcontest

I decided to enter the Hema Designcontest with a lastminute idea, the U-bread. Hema is famous for it's smoked U-shaped sausage, and they sell it on bread. Problem is, there is always a large piece of sausage without bread, or bread without sausage. That's why I came up with the U-brood, and funny enough, it won third prize!

Hema ontwerpwedstrijd Studio Erik Stehmann
Hema ontwerpwedstrijd Studio Erik Stehmann

Holland Herald

My DOG Scratchpost for Cats has been featured in the KLM inflight magazine. 

DOG in Holland Herald
DOG in Holland Herald

MAP magazine Australia

Our Blocks Collection Chair is feature in MAP magazine Australia. 

Blocks chair in MAP magazine Australia

Best Groomer of 2011 award

For the ABHB2012 (dog groomers organisation) I was asked to make the awards for the best groomer of 2011. A special edition Paper Pup with goldplated nose. I also was asked to make a big center of attention object, so I created this BIG ASS DOG. 

ABHB beste honden trimmer van 2011 award


DAMn thats nice! DOG has been noticed by DAMn magazine. 

DAMn publication of DOG Scratchpost for Cats

New designs at Dutch Design Week 2011

New designs launched at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2011! I've been working on some new designs over the past year, The Blocks Collection, the Stuffed Furniture Striped Table and the DOG Scratchpost for Cats. 

DDW 2011
DDW 2011
DDW 2011
DDW 2011

Paper Pup Publication

Paper Pup featured in Elle Deco (China). Nice to hear that they bought it at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, and took it back to China for the photoshoot. 

Paper Pup Elle Deco

To be innocent and free

In-door magazine in China did this interview with me. I have no idea what came out, but it looks good :)

In-door magazine
In-door magazine

Sonniger Luftibus

My Inflating Light featured in Annabelle (Switzerland), next to one of our favorite stools: the Plopp byOskar Zieta.

Annabelle publication
Annabelle publication