Erik Stehmann

“It’s important that my studio is a place where I can act foolish without shame”

Erik Stehmann’s (1984) designs are like toys for adults: joyful design with great appeal. Since 2009, he has been exploring his rapidly changing fascinations in his studio in Arnhem, looking for new possibilities and applications of techniques, materials and products.

His curiosity for something new is often quickly taken over by the urge to discover it for himself, because, he says: “if you follow the manual, you will end up with the same result as everyone else.” The ability to experiment naively is his main motivation.

Stehmann’s maker-instinct and technical knowledge of materials and techniques are characteristic of the high quality of the execution of his designs. For larger projects he does not hesitate to seek collaboration with other disciplines or manufacturers.

Whether it starts from his own initiative, or an assignment, from a strange sentence, or a frustration that a certain product is so ugly, it always ends in an innovative and quirky project or product with a recognizable character and the intention to delight the spectator.

“The best thing about my work is that I can challenge and surprise myself every day”