A flashlight becomes an outdoor garden lamp. A minimalistic and recognizable – call it iconic – design for a flashlight, and a somewhat unusual and quirky – but functional – design for a garden lamp.

The idea for this concept came from the fact that I needed a flashlight in the dark to find the on and off button of my garden lamp

The flashlight is kept in place by a snug fit around the tube, and a magnet. There is a circular LED inside the flashlight that surrounds the pole and illuminates it as if it were a beam of light. As a garden lamp, it illuminates the ground with a spotlight effect, putting itself in the center of the spotlight. The base can be modular, resulting in a small pack size and allowing for different add-on variations. (might as well become a wall lamp or table lamp)

I’m actively seeking for a collaboration with a design/lighting brand.




Aluminium, Steel